Popular Categories Of Lifestyle


When it comes to categories of lifestyle, it is defined by a definition of a lifestyle that may be associated with habits relating to recreation, dress, consumption and social relations which are significant enough that they influence how people live. This is usually used as the basis for social classification. Some of the popular categories of lifestyle include the following:


Activism is said to be described in a general sense as intentional actions that are designed to bring about political or social change. These actions either are in opposition or support to a particular side related to controversial arguments. The terms activist and activism when used in a political sense was first released in 1916 in the Belgian press in association with the Flamingant movement. This word is often utilized synonymously with dissent or protest.

However, in many cases activism is not associated at all with confrontation or protest. For example, a few vegan, feminist and religious activists go about trying to persuade others to change their categories of lifestyle to what they stand for and believe so strongly in. These cooperative movements have the intentions of building a new institution that will conform to the principles that they base their way of living on. These movements typically will not protest or lobby politically.


Nomadic lifestyles are associated with the Greek work known as “nomads” which is translated into “those who let pasture herds”. These are communities that are also classified as one of the lifestyle’s that will move from one location onto another opposed to permanently settling in one place. Currently there are an approximate 30 to 40 million nomadic people across the globe. There are various cultures that are nomadic due to traditions, but this traditional behavior is becoming increasingly rare when it comes to industrialized countries. The nomadic cultures have been broken down into 3 categories that are associated with economic specialization. These include “peripatetic nomads”, pastoral nomads and hunter-gatherers.

The nomadic gathering and hunting follow seasonally available game and wild plants. This particular lifestyle is the oldest type of human-subsistence technique. The pastoralist’s nomads raise herds, move with or drive them that typically avoid depleting the pastures so that they are able to recover. The peripatetic nomads are the individuals that offer skills associated with trade or crafts to the individuals they travel among. These are the more common types of nomads when it comes to the industrialized nations.

Commune Living Lifestyles

A commune is described as a type of intentional-community whereby the majority of the resources will be shared. There is often no or very little personal property when compared to community which is associated to just share housing. Due to the fact that the term “commune” often conjures the images of hippie communes that occurred in the 60s and 70s, the term “intentional commune” has become a preferred term to describe these categories of lifestyle. Today there are a significant amount of intentional communities across the globe.

Asceticism Lifestyle

Asceticism is the word used to describe a life that is associated with abstinence from austerity (worldly pleasures). The people that practice an ascetic lifestyle will in most cases view this practice as virtuous and will pursue this lifestyle in order to gain greater spirituality. Most of the ascetics have a belief system that the action related to purifying one’s body assists in purifying the soul which in turn obtains a better connection with finding inner peace or with the Divine. The ascetics believe that self-imposed constraints are able to offer greater freedom when it comes to numerous areas in their lives such as resisting destructive temptations and gaining an increase in clarity.

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