The Dress Code Clothing Lifestyle and You


The dress code – what is considered appropriate or required for a particular job or situation. In this article, we will discuss various scenarios where a dress code would come into play, and how that code could fit into someone’s lifestyle.

Before we can fully grasp what would make a dress code so important in an individual’s life or situation, we must understand what a lifestyle is. Simply put, a lifestyle is an individual’s attitude, belief system, and the way that they see the world in general. It can also encompass the how they spend their days, such as going to a particular job or school.

So what happens when a dress code meets a person’s lifestyle? Consider the school-aged child who attends an academy that requires students to wear a uniform. The dress code put into place at this school may allow only polo shirts of one or two colors, khaki pants, or skirts of a set color or length. That way, the children attending class at this school still have a choice each morning of what they will wear for their day, but their choices are within the boundaries of dress code.

The same could be said for the adult dressing for a day on the job. A business man or woman may find that their occupation requires wearing a suit and tie, or at least a crisp dress shirt and presentable slacks or a skirt of a proper length. Dress code clothing lifestyles are all around us, and no doubt you can think of an instance in your own life where you are required to dress in a certain way regularly or from time to time.

It’s not just the business/office environment or strict academy that requires dress code. Perhaps where you attend class or where you have employment, the only code for the way you dress is making sure that what you arrive in is clean, free of any stains or visible damage, and sufficiently covering of your body. A worker at a spa could find that her dress code requires her to wear only the color black, or the shoes she wears need be comfortable, practical, and are not sore on the eyes of any costumer who may spot them.

Another way a dress code clothing lifestyle may make an appearance in a consumer’s life is at a party or formal get-together. If you know someone who is planning a wedding, and you have the privilege of being invited to attend, pay attention to the dress code listed on the invitation. You may read something along the lines of casual, cocktail, festive, or even formal/black tie. Being cognizant of this dress code will help you to fit into the audience quite nicely, and help the bride and groom make the most out of their big day.

Another fun example of a party dress code is when, at either a graduation, engagement party, or wedding, the guests invited to attend are required to wear only black or white. Then, whether it is the individual graduating, or the couple in the limelight of the party, the guest(s) of honor show up wearing a bright color. How fun for everyone at such a gathering!

So whether you are a hard working member of society, a young one attending school, or a guest at an upcoming bash, you may see in a different light the dress code clothing lifestyle and how it effects you more than you may have realized. No matter how a dress code effects you, you can be sure to stand out in a crowd and find your own voice as you shape your own unique lifestyle.

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