Ways to Lose Excess Weight through Reduced Food and More Exercise


Most people about how difficult are the ways to lose excess weight. Some even think it’s impossible to get the ideal weight knowing how much excess weight they have. Well, in some cases, it is a bit difficult to lose weight. However, it depends pretty much on the willpower and consistency. Nothing comes instantly. Everything needs a process. Therefore, what you must do is sticking to the basic rules. Meanwhile, you can improvise in terms of the method or technique as long it is still within the rules.


Tips and Tricks on Ways to Lose Excess Weight


Let’s learn about the science first before jumping into the practices. Weight always depends on the amount of energy that you take in and use. Energy entering into your body means the calorie amount in food and drink. If the calorie you consume equals the energy your body uses, you’ll find that your weight is stable. However, if the intake energy is bigger than how much your body uses, there will be excess weight. Therefore, to lose weight, you should aim for calorie deficit. This can be achieved through eating less and exercising more. These two are basic principles on any ways to lose excess weight.


Here’s the calculation. If you can reduce 500 calorie per day, you can lose 1 lb of weight each week. This may sound not too much but is actually the ideal way. You do not want to lose weight too fast. This can result muscle tissue loss rather than fat. So, the ideal weight loss amount is less than 1 kg per week. It’s another ideal on ways to lose excess weight.


While you reducing the amount of food, change your lifestyle as well. Old unhealthy eating habits will put you in risk of gaining weight. Therefore, change of lifestyle should follow. The change usually includes a change of drink and food you usually buy, a change of meals and eating pattern. And it also includes a change of amount of exercise.


Even before you start your weight loss program, motivation is crucial on ways to lose excess weight. You must have serious desire and consistency. If you still think about excess weight as something common not as an issue, your program will fail. While you aim for weight loss, you must set realistic goals with timescales. From the beginning, set on the amount of weight you want to lose. Update your goals every few weeks. This way, you’ll always get yourself motivated.


Move on with action plan is the next thing to do. Set schedule of your daily meal plans. It includes the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time. Remember to reduce the portion and to eat only healthy food. If you love more taste, you can add delicious ingredient into the meal to increase your appetite. Make sure to reset the action plan every once in a while so you will not get bored with the typical meals. You don’t need to make it complicated as ways to lose excess weight are simple and

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