Knowing More about Sedentary Lifestyle the Norm


The term sedentary lifestyle the norm is quite familiar in modern life. In general, sedentary lifestyle is kind of lifestyle with less physical activity. Sedentary means sty or no movement the lifestyle is the way of life. From health and medical point of views, this kind of lifestyle is not good for body because disturb metabolism and imbalance human body. Activities in these matters include reading, watching television, more computer use, playing game, and sitting for long time. Because muscle and body get less movement, several illness and diseases start to emerge. It will be explore in the next sections.


Before know more about sedentary lifestyle the norm, you should look around and recognize dramatic change. In old time, people used to walk on foot to reach certain place. Transportations was rare, particularly between one cities to other. Unless you are in big hurry or emergency, walking was the only solution. Besides that, road or street was not good like today, even you used bicycle as transportation. Many open spaces with nature atmosphere create fresh air that good for body. All of them turn upside down when technology emerge. There are two points of effect from significant technology application. Life becomes easier and work is done faster than old time. Unfortunately, bad effect can be seen from health condition. People work more in front of computer and spend less time to do exercise. This is the truth of sedentary life in modern history.


Sedentary lifestyle the norm and its effect


Several diseases can be found as adverse effects of sedentary lifestyle the norm. Cardiovascular-related diseases are the majority of them. Blood circulatory work in low level so body cannot get enough nutrients. Besides, physical inactive make cell to be more mature and died easily. High blood pressure is sign of majority of cardiovascular diseases. You will get high probably to obtain heart attack and diabetes. Another problem is colon cancer due to static condition of digestive tract. Overweight and obesity are what you see from people whom have sedentary lifestyle. They eat more calories, but spend less. The result is excessive amount of fat and lipid under skin to increase body’s weight.


Muscle and bone are two organs that get severe condition when you are in sedentary lifestyle the norm. As you know, muscle is tissue as center to exhaust energy. You will sweating as result of calorie burning then increase muscle index. Without enough physical movement, you muscle will be easily to go tired and stiffness. For long period, some diseases will come easily to penetrate body. Bone gets similar effect as muscle. Basically, your nerve, motoric sensor, and sense will be dull due to inactive condition.


How to solve this condition? Sedentary lifestyle appears as result of your work or environment. The simplest way is doing exercise regularly. You need to move muscle fifteen to thirty minutes a day completely. Try to do travelling or find excitement from outside world. You do not want to get mental problem because sedentary lifestyle the norm. Depression can be solved though relaxation and inhale fresh air.

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