Implementing Healthy Lifestyle Effectively


Diseases and illness come from not only virus or bacterial, but also your own body. People with bad lifestyle have high risk to obtain more illness. You have heard about heart attack and diabetes, which sources are from unhealthy body. From such condition, it is urgent to implement healthy lifestyle. These words are not something new, even you always say in many flyer, newspaper, books, magazine, and internet. The only problem is implementation. People know smoking is bad for body, but they still smoke every day.


You may think healthy lifestyle is very difficult to obtain in modern day. Many foods contain chemical compounds to preserve until more than one year. Consuming such foods will affect body immediately. You work at regular office hours where start at eight and go home afternoon. At office, you only sit in front of monitor or check notes without much physical movement. Such activity will create rigid muscle due to lack of exercise. Two examples are enough as introduction to know more about tips to implement healthy and good lifestyle.


Tips to Implement Healthy Lifestyle in Daily Basis


  • Start with food

Experts say food intake is key to get healthy lifestyle. Everything starts from your food so you need to manage effectively. People think healthy lifestyle can be obtained only from vegetables and fruits. There are not wrong, but not close to right definition. Nutrients for human body are various with their own characteristic and levels. You still need carbohydrate, fat, and sugar in proper amount. Vitamins, mineral, and proteins are goof for body, but excessive consumption will make body illness. Basically, you consume vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat, dairy product, eggs, wheat, etc.


  • Regularly workout

Foods consumption is not enough to deliver ultimate healthy lifestyle. Your foods contribute fifty to sixty percent of your body condition. The next important thing is regularly workout. You need constant and regular time to create excess movement on your physical muscle. Doing simple workout ten to thirty minutes a day is enough to balancing metabolism. Sweating is important for body, but keep at proper level. Workout can be applied in the morning before go to work or afternoon, but not evening.


  • Avoid smoking

Smoking contributes to most of today illness. You will get respiratory problem after smoking for long time. Beside, smoking makes imbalance metabolism. Addictive content inside cigarettes is reason why people cannot throw way a smoking habit. To stop smoking, you need commitment and consistency. Physical activity and food control become such a waste if you smoke. Therefore, try to avoid this habit and force yourself to stop. Besides smoking, alcohol contributes to unhealthy lifestyle.


  • Manage stress

Having good health is not solely for physical or appearance. People have good health condition, but their mind is full of trouble. Stress and depression ruin your condition slowly. You cannot get rid of stress or emotion. Human is being with mind, soul, and physical aspects. Managing stress is key to get healthy lifestyle. Try to relaxed and enjoy vacation. Spend time with family or friend. You may try to pursuit spiritual awareness to understand meaning of life.

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