Artificial Fitness Complexity and Multibillion Dollar Industry


The name of artificial fitness complexity may ring a bell. Well, though most people may not realize that it truly exists but it does. Those who struggle very hard with weight loss often experience this complexity without being aware of it at all. To be clear with this term, let’s hear this out. It actually explains a condition where you believe that fitness to lose weight and build muscle is a very hard job. You even do the most difficult exercise believing that only with this kind of exercise you can lose weight. Meanwhile, the reality is actually much simpler than what you have thought and imagined. It’s your ego that’s getting in the way and making everything more difficult.

An artificial fitness complexity appears when an actually simple solution is made complex due to failures or lack of willpower. In fitness industry, it actually is running rampant. Some people even also think that fitness detracts them from social life while it actually doesn’t.

Truth behind Artificial Fitness Complexity

Before you trap yourself in artificial fitness complexity, acknowledge this fact about what can really lose your weight. This fact is truly simple and you shouldn’t let yourself make it more complicated. Losing weight is about eating the right amount of food and moving your body more. Those two are the souls of weight loss and there is nothing more. You may have heard a lot about bad carbs, gluten and GMO. Those things are such nightmares for you. Well, you do not have make a fuss over such things and make your weight loss effort be much more complicated.

Why should you think simple then? Well, there’s one thing anyone has to know. Fitness and weight loss are multibillion dollar industries and everyone wants a piece of it. So, they make the best effort to advertise their products aiming for you to buy them. And every time, there’s always a new product saying a new innovation product. This new product convinces you it has new and more effective ingredient to help your weight loss program. This is what makes so many people confused and fall into artificial fitness complexity trap. With so many choices in front of you, you’ll surely find it difficult to begin. You are confused on which product you must buy. Then, you end up buying everything. But this apparently doesn’t gives significant effect to your program. And, you must start everything again.

Just before you get deeper into the trap, learn this truth. No groundbreaking supplement is needed for weight loss. No need to repeat workout every few hours using cutting edgy fitness equipment. And surely you don’t need to eat broccoli and chicken six times a day. Just focus on two things explained earlier. Pay attention to the amount of food you eat every day. And the next thing is to move your body regularly. Once you stick to those two rules, you’ll never get trapped in artificial fitness complexity and losing weight will be as easy as you have thought.

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