Best Wireless Smartphone Charging Pad Prices


Wireless charging is now the most advanced and functional smartphone charging pad. This charging pad comes in handy and makes the charging a different experience. It has certainly become much easier. Of course, to get a hand in this product, make sure your phone supports wireless charging. However, you have to realize that wireless charger cannot charge your phone as faster as wall charger. That’s only for now. Yet, it will certainly become as good as wall charger in few years ahead. Still, this charging pad comes as very good product for you to have.

5 Best Wireless Smartphone Charging Pad

  1. Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Samsung has again proven its existence. This is the first company offering wireless smartphone charging pad. This time, Samsung offers product to support Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 5. This is a great charging pad that offers fast charging. Instead of standard 1A, this charger uses standard 2A. It’s the reason the charger can make the charging 1.4x faster. It comes with LED light that flashes when a problem occurs. It also comes with internal fan to keep its temperature low. It is offered at $41.

  1. Montar Air Car Mount

The next best wireless charging pad is Montar Air Car Mount which is offered at $60. It is known as excellent cradle to be used inside the car. It offers fast charging at 2A just like product from Samsung. It can also be used by big smartphones that have display size more than 6 inches. And, it can also be used for iPhone as well. With a power adapter lights, you will find it easy to find out whether the smartphone charging pad is charging or drawing power. This pad can also be rotated due to its ball joint feature. It allows you to find the best angle you need.

  1. TYLT VU

In the third place is TYLT VU which is offered at $50 only. This wireless charger comes with 45 degree special cradle design to allow you in seeing the phone easily. It has three coils to allow you charging your smartphone in any mode whether landscape or portrait. It also comes with LED light to indicate the charging mode. It may be more expensive than other charging pad but it has distinctive design and soft touch finish.

  1. Choetech Iron Stand Wireless Charger

In the fourth place is Choetech Iron Stand offered at only $30. It has sophisticated aluminum body with three coils. The bottom of this smartphone charging pad comes with rubber feet to prevent the pad from sliding around. Meanwhile, its LED light allows you to know whether it is charging or not. When the LED light flashes, it means there is an issue.

  1. Itian Charging Stand

The last and least expensive smartphone charging pad is offered at $21 only. It supports fast charging and is compatible for Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, S7 and S7 Edge. It also comes with LED as indicator light. The design is not special using only black plastic but its performance is quite impressive.

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