How to Create Modern Italian Home Design


You do not have to live in Italy to applied Italian home design to your current home. These days, houses are designed with modern or minimalistic interior. Such interior design is efficient and futuristic. Plenty of interior designers are competing to create modern houses with pleasant and comfortable impression. Most of them come up with interesting design. However, you cannot deny that some of them also bring cold impression in it. Home with Italian décor is considered as classic interior design. It creates warmth impression to the whole room. If you are interested to apply it on your home interior, you need to consider the following.

What Needs to Be Considered When Implementing Italian Home Design?

  1. Wall

When it comes to Italian home design, the first thing you need to take into your account is the wall. Some people put wall as the last priority. Do not take lightly the role of wall to create warmth and elegant impression of your home interior. Since wall dominates home interior, ignoring its importance will be a fatal mistake. Most Italian interiors uses textured wall. It is interesting to point out since most modern interior uses plain wall instead. Creating modern interior with Italian elegance can be started by changing the wall texture. If you go with wallpaper, make sure you introduce simple abstract pattern to the wall. Use soft color such as beige or mustard for this purpose. It will add depth to the textured wall.

  1. Furniture

Once you are done adding texture to the wall of your Italian home design, you need to take care of its furniture. Modern interior design uses metal and glass as the material for furniture. Since you are going to make interior design with Italian theme, you need to use wood material. The main problem about wooden furniture is the classic impression it gives. Instead of selecting wooden furniture that shows its natural wood color and floral carving, you can use plain wood furniture instead. Cover the natural wood color with paint. It will hide the classic impression yet maintains the elegance of the furniture.

  1. Decoration

At this stage, you should already decorate your home interior with textured wall and fill it with wood furniture. Decoration is the next thing you need to take care on Italian home design. One thing that always present on Italian home is marble. Use marble to decorate several aspects in your house such as flooring, kitchen backsplash, or bathroom wall. You cannot separate marble material with Italian decoration. Most interior designers even mention marble as the characteristic of Italian decoration.

When decorating your home interior with Italian theme, you should keep in mind not to overdo the decoration. If you are getting too excited during the decoration process, it might end up backfire your modern design. Unless you want classic Italian interior instead of modern Italian home design, you can freely decorate the interior. Since you already decided to go with modern theme, you need to do careful planning before you implement your decoration.

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