The best time to change your make up tools


It’s always fun to buy new makeup supplies. Which woman who does not love to shop lipstick? There are many kinds of lipstick around this world that offer many interesting feature and also unique looking style which often giving us better appearance. However it is important to know the time to replace your make up tools because there are actually expired time date for each make up tools out there. Basically, you need to know how long you have to save all the makeup, starting from the first time you bought it, until now. It is important to avoid damage to your skin due to the makeup tools that are rarely changed.

In order to help you in change your make up tools in this article we will give you some guide to know when you need to do or when the time to replace your make up tools that you own. Even though it looks simple and also does not give any danger. It is actually will give you some kinds of danger as explained the next paragraph. Therefore read some of the explanation below and get ready to do some cleaning in your make up table.

Several Explanation on the time to replace your make up tools according to the types

  1. Lipstick

There is a rules for lipstick and lip liner to be replaced for every two years after purchase. If you want to keep lipstick in good condition for a long time some experts recommend storing them in the refrigerator. However, as we already know it is always a wise idea to replace it when the time to replace your make up tools is already seen if compared with preserve it into the refrigerator.

  1. Liquid foundation or primer

Usually the only foundation aged six to 12 months after it opened. If the foundation has changed color, then you should immediately discard it. Applying an expired foundation will only bring damage to the skin and can also lead to some serious skin problem

  1. Nail polish

Next in the time to replace your make up tools is when the right time to replace a nail polish. A nail polish that has been opened can be stored for the next two to three years. Experts advise you to clean the neck of the bottle after each person uses, to avoid dryness.

  1. Mascara

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) noted that the frequent cases of eye infections due to microbial exposure is repeated, then some experts advise you to replace mascara three months after purchase. Yes, it is mean that the time to replace your make up tools or the mascara if you have used it for three month, if you used it more than that than it will bring side effect such as bacteria into your eyes which will be dangerous. This will become even more dangerous especially if the mascara has become dry, then you should immediately discard it. Do not ever think to add water, because it will only produce more bacteria.

  1. Eyebrow pencil

You can save an eyebrow pencil for two years after the first use. To keep them clean, try to always sharpen.

  1. Makeup powder (powder, blush, etc.)

All forms of makeup powder usually can only survive for two years after it was first used.

  1. Makeup in general

Regardless of the expiration date or how long you’ve had it, try to smell the product. If the product has weird and also bad smell, then you should immediately discard it. Especially if you use makeup products which is made from natural ingredients, as they usually have a short period of time before being expired after used for the first time.

  1. Sunscreen

For optimal skin protection, try to use sunscreen before the expiration date that was listed on the packaging.

And there you go several explanation and tips on when is the time to replace your make up tools. Hope it can give you better references in the end.


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